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About CiE

Concepts in Education was established in 1998 initially to support schools in their work with youngsters exhibiting challenging behaviour. Programmes included policy reviews, effective behaviour management strategies and training in physical interventions.

As time has progressed, so has the provision we are able to offer. Included on this site is a constantly updated menu of services relating to individual pupil need, curriculum, whole school improvement issues and strategic work with Local Authorities and Childrens' Services.

We offer a flexible, creative and individual service. In accordance with the principles of best value, our work is based upon:-

Evaluation Intervention Monitoring Advice Support

Our primary aim is to work in partnership with Schools, Local Authorities and Childrens' Services, supporting and enhancing policy within an arena of strategic development. CiE delivers high quality performance management systems in order to deliver a high quality service.

Our primary aim would always be the raising of standards within the schools with whom we work. However, this may not necessarily be the starting point of consultancy.

Inclusion is now set high on the Government's agenda. This, coupled with schools who serve areas of severe socio and economic deprivation, means that the initial focus of our work may well be on accurate baseline assessment, effective tracking systems and the raising of attainment within each individual child.

Some schools are presented with very challenging client groups. They are statutarily obliged to raise standards whilst trying to ensure that the appropriate attitudes and behaviours are held by their students. In such circumstances staff can become pressured and lose their ability to plan and deliver creatively and with flair. Concepts in Education attempt to work with schools reflectively using information gathered to inform future planning. Instead of focusing on teaching and learning, we attempt to analyse learning and teaching, addressing preferred learning styles and effective differentiation thus enabling our youngsters to achieve their personal best. Once this occurs standards rise and schools become accurate and effective in their target setting procedures.

It is our underlying philosophy to develop effective working partnerships based upon trust and mutual respect. Current good practice is developed, shared and used to inform future innovation. Where intervention is required this should be done with efficiency and with the aim of empowering colleagues with new skills and personal development. Access to research and development world-wide constantly upgrades our practice and helps us provide solutions.

If effective, the delivery and implementation of consultancy will not only have raised standards but also challenged schools to rethink their philosophies and the conditions and approaches they adopt to work with an increasingly challenging client group. Innovative approaches will be at the forefront of the work undertaken, and the move from children meeting the needs of the school, to the school meeting the needs of individual children, will be embedded with attainment evidenced for all at whatever level and within a wide range of contexts.

For further information and informal enquiries please contact us.

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