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Achievement and Progress

CiE provide a bespoke and specialised service to support schools in the tracking of pupil progress and the monitoring of their achievement. We are aware that when evaluating the achievement of pupils, inspectors consider how well: -

‘Framework for School Inspection’.

We are extremely well placed to support schools in all the above areas especially in relation to evidencing good value for money in relation to pupil premium, narrowing the gap between the performance of different groups of pupils and measuring the achievement and progress of those pupils who are disabled and those who have special educational needs.

In addition we specialise in reviewing the Assessment and Tracking Systems for pupils with special educational needs, in minority groups or who are underachieving. Our work in this area usually involves an Associate undertaking a visit to school to review the assessment and tracking systems in place. The procedures and processes used to collect information; term on term and throughout the year will be evaluated. They will look at consistency of assessment processes, recording and follow up and also at the ways information is aggregated to give a strategic overview of pupil progress. The visit will involve interviews with staff and assessment records will also be examined. As an option, attendance at Pupil Progress Meetings could be arranged. A short report identifying key strengths and areas for development will be produced.

We can also assist your school in its data analysis and help you confirm the information that you have used for self-evaluation. Work is undertaken with relevant colleagues to help them interpret the school’s own data. A short report identifying key strengths and areas for development will be produced thus externally validating the progress and achievement made by pupils.